Solarization is a natural method for soil disinfection and pest control without the use of chemical preparations, with the use of water as a heat conductor.
Solarization involves covering the soil with a transparent polyethylene film for four to six weeks during the hottest period of the year, that is, when the soil receives direct solar energy. The foil allows the sun’s radiation to be trapped in the ground, heating the top 60 cm of soil to a temperature that is lethal to a wide range of underground pests, including weeds, plant pathogens, nematodes and insects.
When solarization is done correctly, the topsoil is heated up to 60 degrees, depending on the outside temperature. In this process, it is important that the soil is moist, because moisture conducts heat much better than dry soil.

INSTALLATION OF THE FOIL can be done by completely covering the plot that you want to solarize or by forming smaller covering areas of the treated land. When installing over the entire plot, it is important that the film is not punctured anywhere, and that the edges of the film are completely covered with earth so that the heat does not escape through any openings.

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– Type of film: Three-layer
– Type of material: LDPE
(Low Density Polyethylene)
– Shrinkage on heating (%): MD 25 TD 35
– Dart drop (g): 80

– to improve soil quality.