Silage must have a rich content of nutrients. The quality of animal feed has a great influence on the quality and quantity of milk, on the quality of meat, the better the silage, the better the results. Pollino Plast produces a quality film for covering silage with a minimum thickness of 150 microns, the main goal of which is to limit the access of air and light, to ensure the correct flow of ensiling and to reduce the risk of dirt contamination under the influence of adverse weather conditions. The silage film effectively prevents the access of air and water and the evaporation of carbon dioxide because the layers retain the vapors that are the product of anaerobic fermentation of the silage and which are favorable for increasing the quality of the final product. We achieve maximum silage safety with foils made of premium material, in black/white variant. The white layer serves to reflect sunlight and reduce the temperature, the black layer is to maintain the appropriate temperature inside the silage. The film is made on a multi-layer extruder, and these layers retain the silage vapors, which are favorable for the quality of the silage itself.

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– Type of foil: Three-layer
– Type of material: LDPE (Low Density Polyethylene)
– Shrinkage on heating (%): MD 25 TD 35
– Dart drop (g): 80

– production of the highest quality silage to improve animal feed
– for ensiling fresh and wilted green plants
– as an outer cover of heaps
– for lining silage silos