Green salad mulch film

Pollino Plast produces foils intended for the production of lettuce in greenhouses, as well as in the open field. With its perforations and its agronomic advantages, it homogenizes and increases the yield. Mulch foils prevent evaporation and ensure optimal soil moisture, which leads to more efficient use of available water. The foil prevents the growth of weeds and protects the plant from contact with the soil, which protects it from dirt and moisture. This drastically reduces the rotting process, and a dry environment is preventively associated with diseases and pests, especially for crops lying on the ground. Perforation on the mulch film makes planting easier and reduces the amount of work for producers, makes maximum use of the planting area, and the end result is a uniform head of lettuce.

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– Type of mulch film: Three-layer
– Type of material: LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)
– Elongation at break (%): MD 260 TD 480
– Dart drop (g): 128

– Rolls and packages are wrapped in foil to protect the edges from possible damage during manipulation, then placed on a pallet. After packing on pallets, the same is packed with stretch film and the edges of the rolls and the top of the pallet are additionally protected.

– Production of green salad.