Film for strawberry – black

If you want to plant strawberries on larger areas, it is recommended to cultivate them in the field, to plant them in simple rows and to install mulch film.
Plastic films are used to increase the heat of the soil, preserve moisture, and prevent the development of weeds. Also, it is good to mention that the evaporation of water from the soil is reduced, the use of herbicides is eliminated, which makes production cheaper, and harvesting is faster and easier.

Pollino Plast black mulch film for strawberries stands out for its durability, resistance, and stretchability. it is the best in adhering to the soil surface, does not leave air pockets, warms the soil quickly in winter with minimal solar radiation.

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– Type of mulch film: Three-layer
– Type of material: LLDPE (Linear Low Density Polyethylene)
– Elongation at break (%): MD 260 TD 480
– Dart drop (g): 168

– The rolls are packed in foil to protect the edges from possible damage during manipulation, then they are placed on the pallet. After packing on pallets, the same is packed with stretch film and the edges of the rolls and the top of the pallet are additionally protected.

– The primary purpose is the production of strawberries.

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