Hobby packaging of mulch film for vegetables 10 m long, 1.2 m wide

For small-scale producers with gardens and short vegetable plots, Pollino Plast has developed 10-meter mulch film packages. The film is universal, and can be used for various types of vegetables, flowers, seedlings, etc.

Thanks to its compact packaging, installing this mulch film is simple, saving time and effort during the gardening process and achieving excellent results in limited space.



Width(m): 1,2
Thickness(µm): 20
Length(m): 10
Lifetime: 1 year
UV STABILIZER:  We obtain the film’s resistance to UV radiation(one-year)
MASTERBAC: We get a certain shade of film accoding to the customer’s request
Type of mulch film: Three-layer
Type of material: LLDPE(Linear low density polyethylene)
Color: Black