Polly Round Pipe – with drippers

Polly pipes are pipes with cylindrical drippers for flat terrain and for slopes . The pipes are used for various agricultural crops, they have drippers with double perforation which improves the irrigation itself.

The four emission holes located in the opposite position work according to the principle of even irrigation of plant roots “drop by drop”, maintain soil moisture, prevent the introduction of impurities, are easy to lay and efficiently irrigate the plant with a smaller amount of water.




Dripper type: integral, round with double perforation, PC dripper
Dripper distance in cm: 20cm, 25cm, 30cm, 33cm, 40cm and 50cm
Wall thickness in mm: 0.9mm, 1mm, and 1.1mm
Dripper flow rates in lph: Ø16mm – 2l and 4l. Ø20 – 2l and 4l
Pipe diameters in mm: Ø16 and Ø20
Reel length: Ø16 – 400m; 300m; 200m Ø20 – 300m; 200m


  • The double perforation of the dripper allows constant flow due to greater filtration.
  • Pipes are resistant to UV radiation, robust and durable.
  • Dripper with four emission openings in the opposite position prevent the introduction of impurities, prevent the formation of sediments inside the labyrinth.
  • Drippers placed in this way allow for easy laying.
  • High resistance to chemicals and fertilizers.
  • The dripper inlet filter reduces the risk of clogging caused by the use of hard water.
  • The dripper flow points allow quick and easy installation without the need to check the position of the flow points and ensure a complete emptying of the hose at the end of the irrigation cycle.
  • Pressure compensation of the dropper is made possible by a silicone membrane, which maintains a constant flow rate when the working pressure varies.
  • Suitable for irrigation of multi-seasonal crops, for flat terrains and terrains with slopes and irregular topography.


  • Number of seasons: perennial
  • Topography: flat and and terrains with a gradient greater than 3%.
  • Land types: all
  • Installation: on the surface
  • Examples of pipe use:
    • For the production of fruit and vegetable crops
    • With irrigation systems outdoors as well as in greenhouses
    • Row crops
    • For growing flowers
    • Vineyards
    • Nurseries
    • Olive groves